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    So I’m at a show here in NYC on Wed. night to see Cave In(good stuff BTW), and then hanging out outside after the show like a silly groupie, and then I see what looks like Rob Dickenson himself. Well, I keep listening for a minute to hear the accent, finally get up the balls to say hey, and sure enough it’s him. I asked what he has been up to, he states that he has been living in NYC for 3 years, and that he is not sure if he wants to do music. That didn’t mean that he ruling it out, but he is just not ready to go at it again at the moment. He said if he did, it would be solo. Anyway, he was really cool, and I was just kinda thrilled to see him after a show in NY. He did say that CW is dead, and the other guys are back in England doing this and that. I had to be a geek and tell him that I still really enjoy his stuff, especially tunes like “Fripp” and “Indigo is Blue”. Just really great tunes! I mentioned to him that Adam lives here and is playing around a bit, and to come and check it out. He said that Adam was a really good song writer, but Rob is not bad either. End of story and sorry to so long, but just thought others on here might be curious.

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