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    Okay, my girlfriend loves Bowie, and well, so do I. So, as a present, I went to the local music shop to find her a copy of Heathen, seeing as how an actual copy makes a better gift than a CDR of free tracks that were *ahem…obtained. Now I remember why I don’t buy music anymore. EIGHTEEN AMERICAN DOLLARS?? What the hell is going on? It’s absolutely ridiculous. Thank god that the overwhelming, staggering majority of music these days isn’t worth a dime, because I really don’t feel like depleting my life savings, just to catch a few nice tunes. I even went to the local mom and pop store (owned by a rich middle aged white guy who is a dork and wears kangol hats), and it was still priced that high. If I can help it, I’ll never actually buy another disc in my life. Not to be too Fight Club about it, but the recording industry needs a serious enima, and music desperately needs to be “definanced”. Maybe then, we’ll get something worth buying…..arrrgh….

    As a side note, although overpriced as well, I did find a vinyl copy of X in 79 live at the Civic. The Australian X that is. Great, great overlooked punk band.


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