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      Dig it. I stole the idea from somewhere else, but it’s great. We now have a collective forum email account with I believe, limitless data storage on gmail. I figured this would be a cool way to basically quickly throw music at each other, which we’re constantly doing anyway. Upload your song of the day, upload your own music, upload a recording of you driving your car…whatever. I took the liberty of throwing my song of the day in there already….Contact me through
      this forum and I’ll give you the address and p word.

      Which brings me to another thing…

      I recently came across a site that hosts up to a gig of data for I think seven days or so for free. It simply produces a link that you can email to whomever to grab. We could almost do our Bernie’s comps that way. No post office, no stamp licking, and it would be instant.

      Just an idea.

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