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    not Adam Franklin

      Hey everybody. Whenever something goes wrong with my computer i always find it easier to come on here and ask rather than trawl through some other forums or post and have someone calling me a dick for something that was discussed 16 pages ago.

      Thing is, i just noticed today that though my itunes playlists appear on the left hand side of the window and i can play them, i cannot access them in the library (which is a bit weird). consequently the tracks won’t play on my ipod. The major problem with this is that for some reason i now only have 18 swervedriver songs on there, when there should be about 2 gigs worth! i’m not really in a panic about it but would like to get it sorted. itunes help says i should drag my music folder into my library, but this will delete all my playlists (i’ve done this before and sorting out all of my playlists again took me a couple of days, i really don’t have the time)

      is there anyway to save my playlists or another way round this? has anyone else had this problem? does this make sense? i’m on a mac g4 with itunes v 4.8 (32)


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