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      Here’s the link. I just realized that I should include this in a new thread so all can see, instead of buried in the DC roll call thread. sorry. I captioned what I could, but I was getting too tired to do more. The vid clips, most of ’em brief are the ones with the dotted lines around the frame. Slideshow option will play the pics, which are more or less in order. I am usually pretty compulsive, but this Photobucket piece of shit, really makes organizing the shots a complete drag, and it also robs the photos of their detail, I’m afraid. They look far better on my computer as JPG files, but are too large to post. However, if there is any/or several shots you really like, lemme know, and I will send to your personal Email as a complete JPG so you can print something nice. I wish I could do more folks but my frustration level with this program has maxed out. You will need the password to unlock it. Hope you find some of these worthwhile.


      password: eugenious

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