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    This one’s for you Jeronimo (for the excellent petrol vision comment last time I posted a poem!) and all the rest of us who have petrol vision!

    Petrol Head Visionary

    Left his wife, kids and job, jumped in his car
    Drove away from his tiresome life
    Not knowing where or how far
    But not caring, dreaming of a bronzed star
    Copper plated clouds of dirt and rust
    As the petrol head visionary comes through the rush
    Headlights glowing through blackened fog
    Engine revving and radio on
    Playing tragic blues of a lonely heart
    But he doesn’t hear them for he’s lost in the ecstasy
    Of plummeting down the road like a falling star
    The highway a strip of serine chrome
    No commitments, no limitations
    The car his kingdom and driver’s seat his throne
    Engine purrs and rubber burns
    The sky a whirling purple maelstrom
    He swerves, driving on alone
    Just him, his car and the whole world to roam

    Thomas Andrew Gardner

    Copyright ©2004 Thomas Gardner


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