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      Hello everyone,
      I got into SWD music shortly thanks to a friend of mine who’s a big devoted fan. I just see it is kinda hard to get SWD live videos /do not count youtube/ as there arent many SWD traders out there, not even torrenters. I tried to get in touch with the projectswerve people but I guess they have many requests about their DVD’s, so I was wondering if someone who got the available copies would be willing to help me out here, please? I would give like anything for it. I got some (non swervie stuff) so in case of interest, please check out http://www.bootlegs.zde.cz – whatever you pick, its already yours. I would be also grateful for B&P trade.

      Or any chance to get some of the DVD’s out via torrent? I would like to help the SWD community out too, so I would be happy to get the stuff to people through DIME or such then.. if not forbidden?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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