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    Ciro M

    Ok I searched through the topics to try to find where I posted links for this last time but couldn’t find them.
    Hopefully none of you guys dis-approve of this (casting the first stone etc..) but I think this cat has made pleny of cash for himself selling these already. I keep a keen eye on ebay daily and I have seen who is selling what for quite a while now so honestly I don’t feel like reporting this is a bad thing at all.
    Today we have a listing for 2 DVDs from the raise tour in Washington and Vancouver.

    I always report them when I see them but nothing ever seems to happen so maybe if we all can go and report it it will make a difference.
    Here is the report link (you might have to be logged in to see it and you do have to be logged in to report it).
    There is a report link close to the bottom of the page. All you have to do is enter the item # and send it on its way.

    If anyone objects to doing this thats cool. If the person(s) that are selling these boots belong to these boards you should really know better.
    If you might be an individual who would want to purchase something like this just be patient. I think I currently have every SWD tour show in circulation and I will be slowly remastering each one and then offering it to the members of the board for free. Noone should be making money from these unless the band wants to issue them officially.

    I think thats it… I really hope noone thinks I’m a major punk for trying to do something like this. It just angers me that someone is making money literally hand over fist for straight DVD copies that probably cost them $1 to make.

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