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      i’m sure a few here remember exit calm as they supported swervedriver at the first london reunion show. anyways due to the queue that night i basically missed their set and forgot about them until a mate told me to pick up their debut album as he raved about exit calm being the only band in 20 years who capture the power and intensity of early Verve (storm in heaven/ first 3 eps era)

      anyhow i’d thought i’d post here as this is one of the best guitar albums i’ve heard in my life and i’d be shocked if those here who prefer the swervie sound of their first 2 albums don’t have similiar feelings on hearing their music.

      the rhythm section lock onto some superb grooves while the guitarist makes some wonderful epic swirling feedback driven sounds over the top; and the singer has agreat intensity to his voice.

      there isn’t a weak track on the album, but i’d recommend hearts & Minds and reference as particularly brilliant tracks. also the acoustic versions of a couple of tracks from sessions etc that i was able to download are incredibly emotional

      definately a band who on hearing you can’t understand why their not bigger! finally saw em live last month and its not hyperbole to say their one of most genuinely exciting live acts i’ve seen

      anyway don’t take my word for it, u can listen yourself http://www.myspace.com/exitcalm ENJOY!

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