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    I know it’s probably been done but what are your favourites, mine are as follows:


    And when the dawn begins to creep
    Sunlight finds you in a heap
    And how you wish that you could sleep
    Forget the lies that you’ve been told
    You think you’re settin’ free your soul
    But you’re really gettin’ old
    You’ve dreamt of divin’ in the sea
    Your outstretched arms in front of me
    And how you wished that you could breathe
    In the grip of ecstasy
    When the shadows follow me
    And the night won’t set me free
    You wish someone could love you less
    Longing for that one caress
    I see you sink under Duress
    And when you wanna kill it dead
    You let it throttle you instead


    You look like you’ve been losin’ sleep
    Said a stranger on a train
    I fixed him with an ice cold stare and said
    I’ve been havin’ those dreams again
    In one dream there’s this girl I love
    And we dance every wakin’ breath
    And in the other they’ve thrown me in a cell
    And they’re tryin’ me for her death
    I’m only young and young in love
    As I hold that girl today
    But I’m old and tired and in the cell
    And I’ve nigh on withered away
    Y’see my baby’ gone away too long
    And I’m chokin’ back the tears
    Disheveled star in a burnt out bar
    And I’m talkin’ in my drink
    She promised me the world and more
    How could she do this to me?
    And now mine’s tumblin’ down around
    But at least my eyes can see
    And those stars in the sky are for me

    So as this fagged-out tinsel town
    Waves so-long to the sun
    I lay here calmly on my bed
    And the trigger of my gun
    And should that no good woman show up
    Dancin’ from a dream
    I’ll squeeze it twice and not think twice
    And relish every scream



    I was born on a close street down a hill
    The trees that line the street
    Could sense the winter change
    They felt the chill
    They ducked and dived
    And so we knew that they were alive
    Until the year the silver rain came down
    The trees turned mauve
    And so did my hands
    Oh, and the sound . . .
    There was no sound and I’m freezing in the sun
    Nobody cares to hide the dopeheads and the suicides
    ‘Cause everyone freezes in the sun
    And it’s fallin’ away
    I kicked around with Harry
    Who lived near Salisbury Plain
    He worked on the cathedral there every now and again
    He worked with stone, carved with stone
    Odd jobs on the telephone
    One sunny day he was sent to the Houses of Parliament
    chipping’ away at the gargoyles
    Under the blistering sun
    He carved out “Maggie Sucks” on the backs of every one
    And so in five-hundred years
    There’s gonna be some history here
    After it all subsides in the sun

    And it’s fallin’ away
    And I don’t wanna know
    I’m glad I don’t know
    What’s draggin’ it under

    Another day, another loon
    A new pied piper calls the tune
    So blow it up, watch it explode
    Noah’s ark on overload
    Wrestle with the results and throw ’em round the ring
    Everybody knows there ain’t no rules in wrestling
    (everybody knows there ain’t no rules)
    The referee’s a dupe
    Who only old ladies and children believe
    I’m getting up now to leave
    I’ll go back to that street someday
    The air’s better there anyway
    Though the trees are still gonna freeze in the sun

    And it’s fallin’ away
    And I don’t wanna know
    I’m glad I don’t know
    What’s draggin’ it under

    What about you guys?

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