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      Any film recommendations anyone? Maybe start a thread on this topic, I know we’ve gone here before, albeit briefly. Weekly, monthly…whatever.

      Saw one last night . Maria Full of Grace. Spanish with English subtitles. writer/director Joshua Marston. 2004. A young Colombian girl takes a job as a Mule, ingesting caps of smack, in order to smuggle it to the States. The suspense of this thing is unbearable, like just about every minute. Great film. The lead actress is Catalina Sandino Moreno..superb performance.

      I usually use Netflicks to order film rentals, but I actually found this one at Blockbuster (unusual because they usually have the crappiest most commerical Hollywood fare there).
      Don’t know what the situation is in Oz or UK, but if they have Netflicks get it! You pay around 9.95 per month and as soon as you return the DVD, they send another of your picks in the mail to you. And their selection list is huge. All the great foreign, indie releases etc…and all the great oldies.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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