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    Locksley Taylor

      for anyone lookin for a laff….. (and aren’t we all ?)

      there’s an amazing new comedy / mockumentary thingy showing here in Oz called “We Can Be Heroes” made by a really funny guy named Chris Lilley.

      Check the site for the show, including a lotta funny video here:

      It’s about 5 heroic Australians who are nominated for the “Australian of the Year” award. all characters are played by the same guy. there’s also video footage on each of the profile pages for the characters.

      if you loved the Office, check this out. god it’s so funny.

      check out PHIL a.k.a. Donkey – he’s an ex cop who retired from the force after saving a bunch of kids from an inflatable jumping castle that wasn’t pegged into the ground properly.

      “I laughed at the suggestion when I nominated myself.”

      watch his videos…. too good.

      Aussies, it’s on for the next 5 weeks on Wednesdays, ABC, 9pm. don’t miss it !

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