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    simon h

      Here’s one…As a swervie fan, (and especially in these ‘uncertain times’ we find ourselves in a constant state of ‘will they? can-they? WHERE are they? they’re doing WHAT!!!’ and also considering their past legendary efforts where COULD the swervies go from here?

      Does this very question act as an oxymoron to the swerve etiquette of “Lead us Where You Dare”? I don’t think it’s a spoiler alert to ‘dream’ though.

      For me, given Swervedriver were/are significant for being outsiders who insightfully held a mirror up to the ‘super-power culture’ that is the USA and all things USA (especially consumerism and the modern day juggernaut that is the AUTOMOBILE), I think SPORTS CULTURE could next very easily become the next muse of the Swerve. I mean, who doesn’t love sport!!?? Perhaps this has been well and truely covered before? (I mean Billy Coran’s outfit, fitting themselves in a type of baseball outfit for their recent tour)

      Stargazers? Takers? (preferably no P.I.Stakers please)[;)] Well, maybe just a little bit then.[:D]

      Oh the possibilities!

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