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      It’s definitely nice to still see they are throwing in a different song in each set list.

      after the swd set I walked straight out, lol. I had sampled some of failures songs on iTunes before the show….


        Here is the setlist from Philly they played 3 different songs which were not played in the last two sets I posted, which was great to hear

        mary winter

        Lonely crowd fades

        mm abduction

        99th dream*

        Spiked flower

        drone lover

        futue ruins

        setting sun

        for a day like tomorrow

        I wonder*

        girl on a motorbike*




          Another top shelf set in NY tonight, played a couple different songs than other shows I went to & a longer set. It was the last show I will catch during this tour, highly recommend going.

          mary winter

          lonely crowd fades

          mm abduction

          future ruins

          99th dream

          setting sun


          For a day like tomorrow

          deep seat*


          lone star*

          never lose that feeling

          drone lover





            Short, but great SWD appearance in NYC last night. Failure played a fine gig, but I’d pair it down for an extra hour of SWD instead.

            Jimmy Hartridge remains one of rock’s under-appreciated guitar wizards.

            Good selection of SWD merchandise, especially the tees.

            Future Ruins songs played quite well live with perhaps “Drone Lover” and the title track standing out the most.

            The brilliant “Deep Seat” gets noticeably better played live every time I hear it (and it’s been 28 years now).

            Crushed to learn that other cities got “Girl on a Motorbike” — I’d take it over “MM Abduction” any day. YMMV…

            Thanks for the setlist, mike1174.



              Loved our show on Toronto last night.  Sound started out poor but was great by 3rd song.  I’m always blown away by the variations they play on each tour.  Standouts were sunset, autodidact, never lose that feeling, girl on a motorbike, duel and future ruins.

              I have no history with Failure but I was pleasantly surprised.  They put on a pro show and the crowd enjoyed it.


                Anyone got the set list from the Varsity in Minneapolis.  That is a kick ass venue if you ever get the chance. The bathroom upstairs is like a grotto. And the building is just cool as hell.

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                  I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else, but it looks like the band are playing Primavera:



                    Who’s seeing the London show tonight? Im flying solo.


                      Sorry Bevington I missed your post. I was at London and Birmingham. Setlists are here:


                      I’ll post some videos when I get a chance.

                      Luis Pardo

                        Hi All.

                        I saw Swervedriver last Friday in the Primavera sound 2019 Barcelona. The first time I see them. They were great, fat sound, very powerful guitars. I am delighted to have seen them. I’ll try to see them again in England.


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