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      I gotta say, this message board rocks… been coming in and out of it for years…there is the best company here, the most helpful, and funniest guys I know!!! Which brings me to my BIG question are there any other girls here???? I have been rocking to swervedriver for years and I CAN’T be the only girlie swervie left!!! Do any of you guys have girlfriends (and I should also include wives now!!) who love the boys too??? Enlighten me please!!!! I’m not complaining or anything (in company of guys who have such impecable taste, every gals dream…!!!) I just was curious… Also, how old is everyone??? Another curiousity, cause in Jez’s recent interview on he admits that he getting close to 40… I think that I am pretty young comapred to alot of the guys here, being 26. I remember the first time I saw Swervedriver I was under age, and I remember there was alot of people who were older than myself, making me realise that there is a large group of people the lads appeal to. Are we recruiting a new generation of fans….[?]

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