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      Hey everyone,

      Caught this last night in Boston, great little indie movie about the Glastonbury Festival. Directed by Julian Temple (Filth And The Fury) it gives an insightfull and historical chronicle of the event. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Glasonbury, it’s very similar to “Woodstock”! The major difference is that our friends in the UK are able to organize an event like this each year since 1970!!! (minus a year or two) I guess the only equivalent (outdoor) event that we have would be Coachella. Anyway back on point, if you enjoy these types of documentry film it’s very entertaining and imformative. WARNING!!!!! This is not a concert movie, so if you go in thinking that, you will be dissapointed!

      I’ve had the pleasure to spend a couple of days in Glastonbury, it truly is a magical, spiritual

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