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      … the band that opened for Swervedriver over the West Coast dates. They are in Montreal tomorrow night, Toronto Tue, Cleveland the night after, etc. culminating with a show in SF and LA early August.

      I’m spending the summer in my hometown of Buffalo, NY and they were just here on Thursday. Despite a swelteringly hot night in a small club which took its toll on their amp fuses, they sounded really great. Their sound is very busy what with 2 guitars and keyboards but it was all well balanced. Their new album Hideout has grown on me. Some very obvious (…er) “shoegaze” influences but also some Sonic Youth and Cure, at least some of the vox.

      Look up their tour schedule and go check them out!

      I also met and chatted with the rhythm guitar player Greg and bass player Lorelei. Greg was apparently still very happy about opening for SWD and about meeting me, a fellow Swevie (in my Jesus ama los Swervies shirt.) I chatted with Lorelei even longer and she shared a few details about how she landed in the band (anon ad on Crigslist) and the trials of being the only girl on the road with four guys.

      So get out there and go support our Swervie friends!

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