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      … After that, Swervedriver embarks on a U.S. tour, starting Wednesday in Philly and winding down April 7 in Los Angeles. It’s a slim but rewarding launch window for both noobs and old-schoolers crate-digging for last century’s stunners sadly underestimated by those in search of less challenging artistry. That doesn’t include Madonna, who according to Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin, had discerning tastes in so-called shoegaze.

      “Many years ago, a sound engineer friend of ours told us that sometime in the mid ’90s, he found himself at a dinner table with Madonna,” Franklin (below, bearded) told me. “He swore that after she asked him which bands he had worked with, and he mentioned Swervedriver, she said, ‘Ah yes, best guitars in the business!’ I really should ask him again about that. Perhaps he was on drugs at the time, or perhaps we were when he told us.” …

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