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    Dunno about you, but to me there’s nothing better to listen to when you’re tankin down the mway than a bit of Swerve… other band comes close…now I’m no petrol head (i drive an old orion for fssake!) but i was watching Top Gear the other night (UK car tv prog) and it seems they’re doing a survey to find the “Greatest Driving Song”……
    Now i reckon anything off Raise could and should win this (or maybe Duel), and this could be a thread to pursue here (?)…… you tell me..
    But anyway i thought i’d leave the link to the page where you can vote and educate the masses, maybe even put the boys on the map!

    I decided to go for Son of Mustang Ford cus it fits the bill (Sci-Flyer a close second), and whether you agree with me or not, we need to show a little solidarity here….

    So get voting at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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