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      What do you get if you combine two bottles of wine (red & white..), a ‘unit’ of South American origin leisure substance (eek) and varicella (chicken pox as it’s known in the UK – not H5N1 incidentally)… Answer: Me!. My enforced quarantine & consumption finds me here – comically warmed by the depth of my Swervie memories. My recollection of established calendar chronology fails me but using Swervie memories as experience waypoints is wonderfully effective (eh?)

      I suspect most people who follow Adam et al now are US based which forces me to note the night I saw Adam support some band as a favour in North London in 2001(ish) – shortly before he left for the States. Me & my mate We had a wee chat with Adam at the bar which made my night, following which I got far too drunk and whooped and woofed far too enthusiastically throughout the performance. I enjoyed it – I suspect I wasn’t enhancing other peoples experience though…

      Many bands solicit absurd responses of emotion & loyalty from their following, even after many years. To me few, if any, deserve it like the mongers of SwerveTosh.

      Time for another bottle of wine I think and a wee listen to Girl on a motorbike & Duress..

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