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      I’m not often on here these days but thought it’d be rude not to nip in and wish you all a happy new one.

      Been a funny old decade really. Ended it considerably fatter and thinner on top than when I started.

      Some things haven’t changed though – still hate my day job and still doing music.

      Watched this place go from the old green board that scrolled to infinity to the trim, categorised thing it is now – have to say even though I bemoaned the old one’s loss, this one is a shit-load easier to use. And whatever happened to Ajay and his site? Hmmmm.

      One thing that cheered me up no end was that the gents got back together to play a few numbers and one hopes they decide to keep that up for at least a couple of years.

      A fair swedge of us lot here are hitting the mid to late thirties mark now (where’d that go) so it’ll be interesting to see where everyone is in ten years time (arse end of middle age!).

      Anyway, I’ve run out of philisophical bollocks so have a good one people!

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