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    …ever got it spectacularly wrong when making their mind up about a band?

    Ever thought “I really need to revise my opinion”?

    I’m currently going through this conundrum with Interpol.

    I saw them 5 or so years ago when they first broke through and there was a fair amount of fuss (hype always puts me off a bit tho) about them and thought “bassist is cool, music is boring though”.

    Well in the last year at my local pub a couple of the staff have been playing them a lot on the in-house PA and as a result of this, the band are firmly wedged in my head. Got 2 albums the other day and fuck me, they’re really good!!

    Where the hell did I go wrong?

    For once I’m well and truly eating my words.[:D]

    This post has got nothing at all to do with SWD so apologies but I thought, what the hell, if I’m gonna post it anywhere, I may as well post it in the forum I’ve been lurking about since god knows when.

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