Hello chaps, Amp advice needed.

Guestbook Hello chaps, Amp advice needed.

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      I have recently got myself an Ashdown EB180-15 combo. However, in the face of my guitarist’s marshall 2×12 combo it’s not got enough bottom end welly. In fact, it now farts.
      So, wih that in mind I thought about purchasing another amp. “No chance” says Mrs. Haw, “you practically bankrupted us first time round!”.
      My other option is to get a paltry amount of dosh together and find an extension cab.
      I’ve seen this:

      and I’ve thought to myself, I could go for that. but there is a question of impedances. I know hee-haw about eloectronicy things like this.
      The back of my amp says minimum impedance of 4 ohms, the cab on the bay says 8 ohms. Will it work with my amp?

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