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      OK kids… I’ve decided I’m gonna bring my ass into the New Millennium with a X-mas gift to myself – I’m considering a laptop with a wireless modem. I’ve put off buying a machine for my home for so long and so many reasons – two of which: 1) I moved 7 times in the last 12 years, and 2) I subscribe to whatever law it is (Moore’s Law? Planned obsolescence?) that makes a computer obsolete when you leave the store with it. But now that I’ve settled in here, I see tons of new band names that I wanna check, plus I’d like a chance at some of the more obscure SWD goodies I keep reading about. So a new computer and some internet access is in order. It’s mainly the first reason above that I don’t want to be tied down to a physical connection. My questions are:

      1) Do any of you download all this music with anything wireless? Does it work? It it slow? Should I ditch this idea?

      2) Without getting into anything like Pro Tools, is there any hardware/software out there that would allow me to tap into my CD/MiniDisc/vinyl collection to a burner? I’m thinking maybe like a sound card or something that has multiple inputs? I’m not really phrasing this the way I’m thinking it because I’m on my lunch and pressed for time, but the goal would be to get in on the Weekend at Burnie’s action – I got some nice comps on MD I’d like to share, just gotta get them to CD…

      3) Can a few of you maybe post a stat list of the rig you use? Computer, outboard gear, software, ISP, etc.

      If this ain’t the place to do it, I can certainly correspond via my Yahoo account:

      Thanks kids!


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