Help Me! I’m A Fat Bloated Idiot .

Guestbook Help Me! I’m A Fat Bloated Idiot .

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      About a year ago I started to have some strange medical problems. O.K., I’m getting older and my rowdy past has to catch up with me sooner or later, right? I found a doctor I trusted and I decided to have some tests done. Had a complete physical. Yeah, I don’t like getting my tater tots held by a stranger either,and don’t get me started with the prostate inspection!!!!![:0]

      So,anyway. I found out I have high cholesterol and I needed to lose some pounds. Well, it was obvious about the weight. Last month I weighed in at a cool 246. ARGH!! I’ve never been this fat.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is, we Swervies are aging. It’s time to keeping our health in check a bit or our battle to keep “The Feeling” will be in vain.

      Right now I’m on a diet plan from a clinic. I’m felling better and losing pounds already. Six pack of abs, here I come!

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