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      Hello, im all new here.
      Great to find a place like this all about or all around SWD ‘THIS ROCKS”.
      I was starting to think no one remembered this Band.
      i was lucky to see them play like- 20- 30ish times, thay suported bands i was touring with and would see them to there thing day in day out for a bit “Man a fine band”.
      I had a video of a live set and some clips that i got from some nice person in NYC around 5 years a go “but” got eaten up by a video in london 2or so years ago. so looked on sights like deomlizer-dvd, or amazon or just in bootleg markets for something up NO GO!!!!
      So someone here must know or have some dvd stuff of theres guys hiden away, or know where a guy like me may by a live dvd of Swervedriver- live shows, tv spots(i know there must be one of them coz i helped them load and repartd gear for them at the ABC in melb Australia. So if any one knows where or how i can get my hands on some live stuff please drop me a line here or email me -bigpeoplebadmusic@hotmail.com

      i hope i here from someone verry soon .
      Thankjs and goodnight=
      Mr Slo

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