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      I don’t know about your town, but mine, like many, has it’s own contingent of hipster, uppity, wanna be high society nonsense. Loft apartments, four dollar cups of coffee, beatles haircuts (boys and girls alike), hair salons, party districts, awful bands, etc. I can’t stand it. Even when I was in my early twenties, I couldn’t stand this kind of stuff. Nowadays, it seems as though the young ones cling to it as much as they can. Seemingly, the more time that goes by, the more emphasis people put on things that are completely meaningless and surface level. This makes everything real and fun go way downhill. They don’t do anything. My town used to have at least seven or eight bands playing around at all times that were really good. I can think of ONE right now. The fashion bullshit of the modern age of rock music has absolutely ruined it. Same guitars, same chords, same heavy metal belts and wristbands, same hairdos, same sassy indy croony sensitive/tough guy nonsense. Everyone’s too busy doing their little acoustic set at the coffee shop (Im not making that up)…..It’s hard not to make snotty remarks, and to yell things like “awww” while Im driving past them sitting on the patio looking like gap ads. Magazines and television have succeeded in making males believe they need to care as much about that stuff as females, and no one gets bombarded by the “you need to look good” bullshit quite like the girls. Gotta sell that eyeliner I guess. Sorry to be all Fight Club about it, but well, Fight Club is spot on. I thank my lucky stars that I was old enough to catch perhaps the last and truly genuine genre of rock music. The early 90’s.

      Thoughts? Feelings? Stories?

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