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    not Adam Franklin

      Right, I’ve been a way for a while so i thought I’d tell you my story of what i’ve been up to. I was at work at some point last week when i got a phone call off my mate who’s in a band called Fastlane. He asked me if I wanted to come out on tour with them and generally help out (sell merch, string guitars, roadie etc). They werte touring with a UK punk band called 4ft fingers.

      I was a bit reluctant at first because i’ve only just started my new job and didn’t want to take the piss, but i thought fuck it this might be my first and last chance to go on tour so i was gonna take it. So i went to hook up with the guys in Leicester on Wednesday, then we went to Norwich on Thursday, Cleethorpes on Friday and two shows on Saturday. The first one being Donnington monsters of rock on Sat morning! (now called Download festival). Now didn’t Adi say he was gonna be a guitar tech at download too? i think i missed you by a day mate! Anyways as the band were setting up the DJ played rave down and I – as you might expect went completely fucking nuts, it was gonna be a good day.

      The band came on and did their thing (which is fucking awesome by the way) and we went backstage to soak up the backstage hospitality. Backstage was great, one of the guys who used to be in the wildhearts was working on our stage and he showed us what the deal was back there and we had dinner etc (really nice guy, i think his name was Rich but i’m not sure because i’ve been completely hammered for the last week and met lots of people). The best part about being backstage was, there was a never ending supply of free beer as well as some of the best looking women i had ever seen (i looked like shit cause i slept in the van the night before and was wearing the same clothes!) as well as the fact that you could smoke a spliff quite openly and no one said anything (it was like a dream, did mention the beer was free). Now i like a drink (a lot) and must have consumed about 15 cans of carling in the four hours i was back there (no joke) so i was pretty drunk.

      All day long the guys from the band had been enthusing about the celebs they’d seen and i hadn’t really seen anybody of note. But then, who walks past? Mr Saul Hudson himself – that’s Slash from guns ‘n’ roses/velvet revolver in case you didn’t know, rock personified. Now, guns n roses were the first band i ever loved and i was a bit dumbstruck, he shook my hand even though his security guys really didn’t want me to which was cool. when everything had calmed down i realised that i should have handed Slash a copy of the bands CD (i had about 5 in my pocket), oh well whatever.

      So who comes up and stands behind me not two minutes later – Sharon Osbourne. Now this woman has got a lot of clout in the music industry. Same shit, security didn’t want us near her but she was happy to talk and we exchanged pleasantries. Oh and i gave her a CD. She seemed like a nice lady. (i had visions of her walking away and chucking the CD straight in the bin when she got round the corner, but it had to be done). if she bothers to listen to it it could be a big deal if she likes it.

      There was talk of the band not showing up to their gig in Cheltenham so we could drink more free beer and drunkenly approach celebs, but they are professionals! so we soldiered on. I left and came home last night from the final gig at camden underworld in London and got up and when to work, which was a struggle.

      Now i didn’t write this as a big show off, i just wanted to say that i had so much fun driving around in a shitty van to some shitty town everyday where the gig hadn’t been promoted and about 30 people turned up after having slept in the van for 2 hours with five other people. But everywhere they went more people were coming round to them. Its also weird watching one of your mates sign autographs (why would you want his autograph?!) It was so much fun. and much better than working in some crap office or a factory. It reaffirmed my desire to

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