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      Hi. Since Adam will be supporting the Church soon I’ve had some contact with Lloyd from the Church street team. He was kind enough to pass on some ideas that have been working for them in the past to promote the Church.

      If you have energy to help promote this tour I know I can put you in contact with him and materials.

      The Church Army – Promotional Ideas

      The following is a list of things we can do to help the band. This list is also meant to stir up our minds to get creative. We’d love to get everyone’s input on other things we can do. The great thing is, even if the band isn’t touring in your area, there are plenty of other things you can do to spread the word. We can’t recall a time when, aside from the tour, we have a soundtrack, 2 new EP’s and one new full length to promote! The band appears to be at an all-time high with creativity & this is a great opportunity for us to give it right back!

      Street Promotions:

      *Posters & Fliers

      -This is pretty easy. Post them where you feel people who may be into The Church hang out. Once the tour dates are confirmed, we’ll know how the materials will be distributed.

      *Local Record Retailers

      -While getting Posters & Fliers there, check to see if they are carrying the new releases. If not, ask an employee if they would be willing to order them.

      -Listening Stations. Most labels have to “pay to play,” but it doesn’t hurt to ask a manager if they’d put the new release on there, especially if the band is going to be playing in that area soon.


      -Call or email requests.

      *Word of mouth

      -Good old fashioned spreading the news about the new releases.

      Web Promotions:

      The more Church content we can get on the web, the better! Here are a few ideas:

      *Post i-Tunes Reviews of their new releases.

      *Post reviews on Amazon (& other related sites).

      *Some venue or local entertainment websites will let the public post reviews. Check around & see what you can do.

      *Chat Rooms/Message Boards

      -Posting in rooms of the bands they are touring with. Posting in rooms of other bands (ie U2, The Bunnymen, etc.)


      -Frequently changing your status updates to reflect something regarding the band (ie: Lloyd :The Church’s new single “Pangaea” is out now!)

      -Add Church-related links in your profile.

      -Add show &/or record reviews. This can give some people who may have been on the fence about going to a show or buying the music just the push they needed.

      *Facebook Church-related group pages

      -Add links/reviews/photos/video/music, etc.


      -Send band related Bulletins

      -Add show &/or record reviews to your Blogs

      -Add songs to your playlist

      *The Band’s MySpace

      -Listen to the music on their page in order to boost the “plays” up on their media player.

      -Write about the tour, concert reviews & music reviews in the band’s MySpace & the member’s solo MySpace comments sections.


      -If you Twit, you know what to do


      -We wouldn’t want to turn your friends into enemies, but an email or 2 about the band can’t hurt, right?

      *Personal Blogs

      -Write away!

      *Create your own site/blog, etc.

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