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      As I indicated a few weeks ago, I just started a (primarily music) blog. It can be found here:

      As I state in today’s posting (found at the link at the end of this sentence), I’m focusing next week’s postings on Swervedriver.

      I’m posting here to invite anyone to send short anecdotes/funny quotations/reviews/whatever related to Swervedriver to my blog’s email address ( My intention is to devote next Tuesday and Thursday (and perhaps more days) to posting people’s mail. I do have a few ideas about how I might do that, one of which involves imitating William S. Burroughs’s cut-up technique, so please participate in this only if you don’t mind your postings being potentially cut up. I also hope that I can post everything that I receive in some form or another. That said, I’m pretty darn busy at work, so I can’t guarantee that, either. If you’re not interested, then sorry for wasting your time.


      Murray Jay Siskind, who might secretly stand next to you at DC’s 9:30 Club on 6/8.

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