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    …but should you want to know it was because of college holidays! See the only place i have internet access is college and I had an 8 week holiday from college this summer! Anyway without further ado here is my newest piece of writing, please read, enjoy and reply! [:D]

    Ancient Dreams

    I was gazing in her eyes
    When her figure became faint
    Turned into a maelstrom of colour
    Like an oscillation of paint
    And I could clearly see her temperament
    Beneath her body and skin
    It was the most beautiful thing imaginable
    I was filled with feelings
    I can not explain

    She showed her true colours
    So beautiful and serene
    Such a vibrant beauty
    Tranquil and surreal

    As I gazed deeper into those eyes
    I felt my own spirit come to light
    And our essence began to swirl
    I could feel our souls entwine
    It was a vision of the Gods’
    An ancient dream
    She brought me to life
    She set me free

    I saw her true colours
    And she saw mine
    We are for eternity
    Two souls entwined
    Ancient dreams set us free

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