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    Yeah, I know that this is another non-related topic.[B)]

    So, on my travels about town yesterday I was behind a pick-up truck at a stop light. I don’t have any stickers on my car right now because I don’t feel the need to be labeled. I look up at the rear cab window of the truck and this is what I read: “I believe in One Country,One God ,and One Language!” [:(!]What in the $#$@%*$! is that!! [:(!]I just about flew off the handle.[:(!] When has this country ever had one language?[:(!] And I assume that this one “god” would approve of all this as well?[:(!] I’m still wound up, I might just bust a spring,since I’m allready off balance.[:(!]
    Maybe I need some stickers for my auto.[^]
    Like: “Don’t be a dumbass redneck!” Something straight forward and to the point so these moroffs can get it the first time they read it!

    So, how about the rest of you Swervies? What gets under your skin?

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