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      from his myspace blog:

      …If you’re reading this and you came to see us anywhere – THANK YOU. You made four 40-somethings really really happy. We are honoured to have met you, played for you and hopefully entertained you these past few weeks. We’re doing The Scala in London on September 16th and King Tuts in Glasgow on September 18th. I hope some people buy tickets.

      When we were talking about playing together again we knew it was all about the music. We have no label, no manager, no road manager etc, no new album to promote (please stop asking us – we don’t know either!)… so we had to fund this ourselves – given that the cost of JUST FUEL for our bus was over $2500 a week, you get the idea that this wasn’t about making money. It was about music & unfinished business. I am so very happy to report that, in our opinion, we are better than we ever were. The music wins. I’ll take that. …

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