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      Hey fellow swerve-hards I’ve been in contact with sanctuary and they are going to give me some (as yet unnamed) prizes for a little contest designed to help promote the upcomming retrospective.

      So here is what I have in mind. On Monday Feb 28th I am going to send out a mailing to the swervedriver mailing list I keep. It is at around 1000 addresses now. I want you all to give me the email addresses of friends you think want to hear about the swervedriver release. I’ll only mail to these names once and it will be on the 28th. After that I will not use the addresses again.

      *** update ***
      since Juggernaut Rides is now coming out on March 14th I’ll send the email March 7th to coincide with an e-card that sanctuary is creating
      *** end update ***

      Each address you give gets you one entry in the draw for prizes. I’ll get the prizes (think posters / stickers / free copies) some time and make random picks from the list of names.

      So, help spread the word and maybe win a prize. It sounds ok to me.

      On the 21st I’ll send an email to the mailing list and make this contest available to them as well so think of this as a forum only first shot.

      So email all addresses to me at the following email address:

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