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      Oh man, saw the show last night in San Diego. I was impressed how laid back and grooving they sounded, not the sometime impenetrable wall of sound of the records. Very nice. Biggest, most welcome surprise: Fortune Teller.

      Wondering if someone out there might be willing to burn a copy of Juggernaut Rides, disc two for me (not to be too picky, but AIFF preferred, not MP3). I sadly left the thing tucked into the player of a rental car awhile back (which is kind of appropriate). I’m not trying to encourage illicit copying — I swear I bought it legitimately once (full price!), and if anything I turned on a new SWD fan.

      I’d be happy to send U.S. postage or see about a trade of some kind. Please contact me here: jacethecrowl@msn.com


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