just bought “everyday, rock’n’roll is saving…”

Guestbook just bought “everyday, rock’n’roll is saving…”

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      I picked it up for $1.50 at Used Kids in Columbus, Ohio while visiting last week. The cover has water damage (hence the price), but the cd is fine. I know I’m years late in buying it, but I always get outbid on eBay and I’ve never seen it for sale at a record store before.

      “The Hitcher” retool is excellent. Love the huge acoustic sound and the slight clean electric guitar overdubs (or is that a sample?). The title track is great too.

      I played it for a friend of mine in Cleveland who wrote down the name of the band so he wouldn’t forget it. It makes me think that if TH really wanted to, they could reach a much larger crowd. But maybe they don’t care?

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