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      i really think that adam should just call the new band swervedriver already, any good manager would tell him this… there are so many good reasons;

      it has brand name recognition, it would bring out more people.
      he plays swd songs anyway.
      he was the swd frontman.
      the other swd guys are not in the u.s. anyway where adam is now based.
      it could be like guided by voices….robert pollard remains but there have been literally hundreds of gbv band members over the years.
      then there could be new swd releases….jimmy and crew could even contribute or help in the recording but they wouldn’t have to tour it .

      i really think it would help his cause and rid him of the whole toshack, adam franklin, ex of swd bs and confusion….

      i hope this gets to him, probably he has already thought of this, zed

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