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      ….in the hope that someone would read it. It’s a poem I wrote whilst listening to Ejector Seat Reservation, so it is semi-swervedriver inspired, anyways read it and see what you think! [:)]

      Highway to Nowhere

      She hangs her words up in the air,
      Hoping he’ll hear them someday,
      But they’re lost whirlling in gas and dust,
      As he speeds along the highway.
      In a stunned rush,
      To a destiny unknown.
      Oblivious to the tears and love she sends,
      From their forlorn home.
      The radio’s discord,
      A cacophonous echo of his confusion.
      Dazed he seeks an answer,
      As he pushes his convertable to go faster,
      Through the airs rapid rush,
      On a highway to nowhere.
      Her words still whispering on the wind,
      But he doesn’t hear them,
      Driving on lost, alone and unaware,
      Travelling along the route to nowhere.

      Thomas Andrew Gardner

      Copyright ©2004 Thomas Andrew Gardner

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