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      Wow, this forum is alot different than it used to be a few years back. I don’t remember if I ever joined it or not. Anyway…

      I don’t know if any of you guys from Swervedriver will see this or not, but it sure would be nice if you did. I remember that Jez used to visit the old website once in awhile. That’s why I’m posting this here. I don’t have a myspace or anything.

      Having a bit of insomnia at the moment. So, I’ve been laying in bed listening to SWD tunes, and Deep Seat came on. And, I just… transported. I got to see you guys when you played the Casbah in San Diego, CA last year. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. I never did get to tell you either, haha.

      I just want to say how happy I am that you guys got together and played again. The world needs your music. I guess that sounds like something some crazed, blinded fan would say, but I don’t mean to come off like that. You probably don’t see your music as some life altering force or something, you just do what you do. But for me, it has been. Your music has been there for all the times in my life, all the ups and all the downs. You name any time in my life, good or bad, major or not-so-much even, and I’ll name you a Swervedriver song that, for me, is forever correlated with that particular moment in time. What I’m trying to say is that, your music, again, for me at least, goes beyond cool tunes to listen to; it is a part of who I identify myself as, totally intertwined with me as a human being. Your music has healed my pain, calmed my anger, been there for many, many good times to make them that much better, put a huge smile on my face as I blasted down some deserted road just to drive and clear my mind, and has given me the ability to breathe and be okay when everything in my little world seems to be crumbling.

      I’m sorry you guys have never been appreciated as much as you or I or many other fans would have wished. But if you ever feel like your music is… I dunno… not appreciated I guess, know that it means the world to at least one person. Many others I’m sure. I know that doesn’t pay the bills…

      This is my attempt at expressing the profundity of your music to me. Thank you so much for the music you’ve given me. I really do appreciate it!

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