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      Hey dudes, I know a lot of you have probably heard a lot of this, but I thought since the LP is completely done, I’d upload it and let everyone check it.

      Kalvakota is essentially a one man band guy who is a very great friend of mine. He essentially wrote all the songs (except the Cheap Trick cover), and played virtually everything on the LP. My friend Jeremy tracked it at the studio, and I mixed it at my place. Jeremy plays a lot of keys and sings backup in a lot of places, and I play lead and rhythm guitar and various keyboard parts as well. I guess he’s got his shit together and is getting extremely close to getting the LP pressed up, but no quite yet. At any rate, here it is in it’s entirety, after over a year of slow moving work on it. It’s all copyrighted, so don’t get sneaky![:D]


      His myspace…

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