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    anyone here a pro keyboard player? my band needs sereous advice on what to do about getting some sequencing going for shows and stuff. i’d really like to emphasise that this is life or death thing. our time on this planet is so short, and without a deal my bandmates and i will die prematurely. we came to rock but our superior intellect wont work on this planet as adequately as it does back home.
    this is it in a nutshell
    not much money but some…

    we rely heavily on keyboards to give what you might refer to as an eighties sound…..

    there are three of us….

    the shit is getting complex so live we’re thinking of just programming in our songs and our drummer to wear headphones….

    we need a keyboard that can play the parts which isn’t out of reach but theres so much shit out there that i dont know what to look for…

    i play the guitar, and know nothing about keyboard and keyboard setups…

    i live in the 2nd biggest city in GA and there isn’t shit for musicians so this is our only choice at the moment. if you ever see a sign that says “columbus ga ahead” turn around before its too late!!!
    never, ever, ever come here!!!!!!!

    plz help
    thx shoegaze posse

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