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    Locksley Taylor

    my god.
    that version is so so so good. the best intro to that song that i have ever heard. makes me wanna grab my guitar and spend the rest of the day playing.

    is the end of it cutting out for anyone else? (ie the last few seconds seem to be missing)

    I would love to have been there….

    Is there video of that Tower performance ? I’m guessing it’s from the store on Sunset in hollywood. anyone know?

    ohhhhh me oh my.

    getting all these shows is one again sinking me into regret mode.

    ie. i regret getting to the enmore theatre late and seeing only the last song and a half of Swervedriver’s performance before Powderfinger (who i didn’t even want to see that night – i went solely for SWD). anyway, i’ll live.

    but i gotta say: arrrrgggghhhh!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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