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      Hi. The live album stuff is up on the downloads page. Please let me know in this thread if you see any mistakes.

      I’m really proud to have it up there. It is such a good thing. I think they deserve to be up for a while so lets make the page the best it can be.

      * special kudos, goonybags, and victory bowls to all who contributed *

      I’d appreciate any suggestions on page text additions (including appropriate tributes to rocket and interloper). Don’t be shy. I’ll be working on the site again this weekend so get suggestions in before Sunday.

      I have some more old magazine scans and things to put up. And then there is the toshack side of things to update.

      After this weekend and should be up to date. At that point I’m going to send another email to the mailing list.

      I would appreciate it if you all helped spread the word about the great mp3 downloads and the Adam news after the site is ready. This is a really great thing that we have done and I think the swervedriver fans of the world need to hear about it.

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