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    Since I recently missed out on a few good shows this year because I find as I get older it seems to take more and more work to figure out what’s playing and get tickets in time. I thought maybe a thread of what people are seeing would be great sort of like what people listen to… makes it easier to find stuff.

    Ok so I’m in the new york area… i know we don’t all live in the same area, but I think we’re missing a piece here. we have what music we listen to, and music trades, but what about the live show stuff? i would like to even hear about shows that people see elsewhere that they like, cause bands usually make it around these parts and you know how sometimes bands sound great live but not too good recorded. some are in reverse… it’s always nice to get a rec on a good live show.

    short list of upcoming events I am interested in:
    Link Wray – may
    The kills – ooops sold out in ny, but still available in nj
    stars – oops second miss sold out!
    looking for any dino shows. i saw them like 10 years ago, can’t remember where but I remember I was sitting down and thinking how can you expect me to sit at this show? does anyone remember that? in ny somewhere.
    lcd soundsystem – for you fans but sold out
    the fab faux – 3 shows at bowery ballroom??? not interested but it’s interesting.
    wreckless eric this weekend? hmmm
    ravonettes do a good live show – april & may
    sterototal – may

    anyone else have a list?

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