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    Jeremy Walling

    Wow, I was really happy to see all the goodies for download. I already had a couple cds worth of Swervie bootleg stuff, now i have couple more :)

    Anyway, This question goes out to those hardcore bootleggers.

    Does anyone have any live versions of “It’s all happening now”
    or.. Does anyone have the show from 97′ at Tramps in NYC. I used to have a bootleg of that show, although poor quality, and they played a live version of “It’s all happening now” that kinda changed up the tone of the lyrics a bit from the studio version, I actually heard it live first…

    That set is my favorite that they’ve played so far.. I wish i could remember the list. I used to have some pics from the show too… arghh… Anyway, i’d be willing to trade some swervie stuff for it, although anyone who has that probably has everything i already have… In any case, it’d be nice to know if anyone has it for future posting..

    One last thing.. If anyone has tabbed the live acoustic version of sci-flyer, lemme know. I got some of it down. Maybe it’s not standard tuning. dunno. I think it’s brilliant though.. Too bad my mp3 copy is so low quality.

    Cheers.. Polar.

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