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      hi all

      just got back from the ICA show. it was a very very good gig, pretty different from most of the other shows i’ve seen. the ICA is a nice venue, half way between buckingham palace and trafalgar square. before the show i saw jimmy and steve wandering around.

      they started with sci flyer, then the birds, then either these times, duel or sandblasted. after that is not the correct order, but it included: hands, scrawl and scream, deep seat, mm abduction, 99th dream, mustang ford, blowin cool, rave down, duress.

      adam was very chatty, saying that it was a great jimmy’s birthday today… mr hendrix. it is also mr hartridge’s birthday as well…. jimmy played a beautiful (new?) sunburst les paul for most of the beginning of the show.

      after the last song (duress) jez asked if he’d see us all tomorrow.

      i have photos and some pretty poor footage and some ok photos that i will post when i wake up tomorrow. cheers all, roscoe. *hic*

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