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      ….ed the guestbook that is.I dunno. You go away for a few months only to return and find new fangled forum (“niew more buttered scones for me, I’m oaf to play the graund piano.”)thingy in place of the nice simple salt of the earth swervie guestbook. I like what you’ve done to the place though. Breaths a new lease of life into the procedings. Anyhoo, is Hairy haw, Dan from Chicoigo n Trik and people still here? Hope all is well if you are. Thought people might like to know that I’m playing Alan McGee’s Death Disco in London on the 1st of October and I intend to ask him why the fuck he let go of the finest band ever to walk this God forsaken planet! Should I recieve an unsatifactory reply I then intend to boot him squarely in the bollocks. If anyone fancies coming along to hold him still you are more than welcome.

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