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    I dunno if you believe in it, but I do. Just from my own Neurologic literature there have been a few papers in peer-reviewed journals, and quite recently some very encouraging news from MS patients who have found benefit from Cannabis. My main area of interest is alleviation of pain and all of it’s attendant misery. Cannabinoid receptors occur naturally in the brain and spinal cord. And..the Almighty put the plant in the ground for a reason….so go figure, but in this country the fear factor rules. Dial in this link and watch the video in it’s entirety. Medical growing is legal in Canada, and nowhere has it “blossomed” more than in Vancouver and environs (Vansterdam). This guy is a legitimate patient, has a permit, and…(now this is ironic) is actually protected by the RCMP (like FBI down here),so his operation is safer from vandalism, and theft.
    I know we all have our own opinions about this, but it’s probably best to keep an open mind. And…open the mind once in a while. [^]

    To see the video, click on the link next to it which says “Play Real Player”. The film will then come on in a few seconds, depending on your download capacity. I especially like Steve Kubby’s little philosophising at the end…makes it all worthwhile.

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