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      Michael Jack-off Jackson; child-molesting pervert, or schmaltzy over-hyped moonwalker? You, Swervies of the universe, decide.

      I think there may be something to the charges, but it’s murky, ’cause the accusors might just want a quick buck. I predict that after much nauseating Hollywood fanfare, and endless TV broadcast time that he’ll get off (he’s already gotten “off” a few times apparently in the bedroom at Never-Never Land), and moonwalk into the sunset. I mean you don’t think they’re gonna shoot the King of Poop (I mean pop) at dawn, or hang him from the highest tree in the state do ya? It would be wonderful for him to have a cell-mate named Bubba who’s starved for the affection of his “bitch” (heh heh).
      And one final thing that I’d love to know, and I think the prosecution had better establish, is…when Michael was pulling his or the kid’s pud, was he using that white glove or not? Very important detail, and folks it’s all about the details. [}:)]

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