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    Now I know ol’Jeronimo will either get an exacerbation of his “rash” or have to take extra hits from the beer bong, when he sees this topic,but I just couldn’t resist. Ah yes,clear-cut Beatles influences on SWD. They are aplenty, but,what has caught my ear of late, is the guitar intro to the tune Ejector Seat Reservation (very George Harrison, and there is an amp switch (i think) from the Marshall to the Vox AC30 ; the vocals/harmonies sound like Beatles around the time of Rain and similar recordings. Plus..don’t you just love that radio?TV broadcast they have fading in and out..(where have I heard that before?? I think “Walrus” or “Strawberry Fields”). Now, if y’all have downloaded the MP3 of SWD live in Stockholm 1996, you WILL hear either Adam or Jimmy noodling around on the guitar at the very end of The Other Jesus, the riff to “I Feel Fine”. Just thought that was cool,t’is all.
    On another note, I am really enjoying Adam’s solo acoustic stuff..that guy is some kinda genius singer/songwriter; so amazing to hear those tunes in another context.

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